The Art of a Dmin

In a fit of general obnoxiousness, Landvaettir decided to make a tumblr of Dmingurl1's art precisely because she didn't want her art on tumblr. So that's just too damn bad.

Dmin is and

Landvaettir is obnoxious and if you want to complain directly at him his ask is


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So a while back I posted Dmin’s first bit of writing from DA. Now I’m gonna post the most recent

It’s an entry for the 100 themes challenge she’s been working on so It’s kinda short.

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Life Amongst the Leaves 1

The first chapter of a story Dmin’s been working on since I want to say middle school. It was also her first piece of work submitted to DA.

She says she wants to rewrite the earlier chapters because there’s things in them that are preventing her from moving on.

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SO, I decided to take Dmin’s first drawing on DA and put it next to her most recent drawing on DA.

… She writes for the most part.

I’ll work on getting some of that up tomorrow.


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